Just Because They're Right Doesn't Mean You're Wrong

I hit a steep learning curve when starting to figure out how to manufacture silvr.

After weeks of research and conversation, I landed on casting and injection molding as my manufacturing process of choice.

At the same time, I landed on the material I would use — 304 stainless steel.

About a month into reaching out to manufacturers, one wrote back saying that what I was asking for wasn't possible because of the resistance 304 stainless has.

I was embarrassed and crushed to know I had to go back to the drawing board.

With more research I found that 304 stainless works better with a manufacturing process called machining. So, I started reaching out to manufacturers for this...

...only to be told "Why don't you do injection molding? It will cost so much less and scale better?". I was shocked to know that there were plenty of shops out there capable of carrying out my original manufacturing plan.

I completely abandoned what I thought was correct approach because one person, who I perceived to be more knowledgeable, told me it wasn't possible. 

Now, I'm back to my original approach and feeling foolish, but more confident all at once.

Moral of the story; don't let one person or comment change your course. Just be confident enough in the path you have chosen. 


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