I'm Looking for a Partner

I'm looking for a partner to join me in bringing to life a company called silvr.

My work communication style is pretty straight-to-the-point. Personal guideline of "work hard and be nice to people." So, respectfully, I'll get right to it.

Silvr uses the power of design to reduce the use of disposable plastic products, by offering more attractive alternatives. I was inspired by how the likes of S'well® and Tesla were able to change consumer behavior to be more environmentally sustainable by focusing on more desirable design. 

The first product to launch from silvr will be beautifully designed personal flatware that's meant to reduce the use of disposable plastic silverware. Currently, what's available in the reusable cutlery market is very utility or "granola" in style...sporks, bamboo, etc..Silvr aims to offer a third option that feels more premium and that most would be excited to use.

I'm product/brand/marketing heavy. Second to that, I have an understanding of business direction based on what's going on in the market and data. With a Sustainability MBA, I'm comfortable navigating all of this while optimizing finances. I work on silvr full time and I'm based in NY. 

To complement me, silvr needs an operationally-focused person on board... P&L/manufacturing/order fulfillment heavy. Second to that, the ideal partner would have sales skills to pull some weight with getting initial orders and an ability to communicate well with a future sales team. I'm looking for someone to dive in with me full time, but am open to lower hourly commitment to feel it out at the beginning.

He, she, or they do not need a background in sustainability or sustainable goods, but should be excited about silvr's mission of reducing disposable plastic waste. Background in consumer goods is a major plus.

He, she, or they can be based anywhere in the US.

I started working on silvr in October 2017. After multiple rounds of design and prototyping, the prototype is pretty much finalized. I've spent considerable time on brand and sales strategy and have a good idea of how I want to enter the market. Through extensive user testing, I've validated demand for the product from consumers. Beyond direct to consumer, early discussions with customers ranging from small boutiques to larger enterprise have been encouraging.

I'm in touch with a few manufacturers, but have not selected one yet.

If you want to get involved in this capacity or know someone who might, shoot me an email at oliviagossettcooper@gmail.com. Thanks!

(More info on me if you'd like...
2010-2016 I worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and digital products.
I'm really focused and trained on what drives consumers — from product to copy. I love the psychology behind it. I'm a good mix of creative and strategic.

2016-2018 I became an MBA in Sustainability
My personal goal is to use business to improve responsible consumption...if we are going to consume, which we will for the foreseeable future, let's do it in a way that's less harmful to planet and other people.

My work style is to work when working and play when playing. I'm not the best at balancing both at the same time. But, I think building relationships is important. Work hard for sprints then taking a little mind break in the form of chatting about current events, going for a walk, watching a quick video, etc..)


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