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I'm Looking for a Partner

I'm looking for a partner to join me in bringing to life a company called silvr.
My work communication style is pretty straight-to-the-point. Personal guideline of "work hard and be nice to people." So, respectfully, I'll get right to it.
ABOUT SILVR Silvr uses the power of design to reduce the use of disposable plastic products, by offering more attractive alternatives. I was inspired by how the likes of S'well® and Tesla were able to change consumer behavior to be more environmentally sustainable by focusing on more desirable design. 
The first product to launch from silvr will be beautifully designed personal flatware that's meant to reduce the use of disposable plastic silverware. Currently, what's available in the reusable cutlery market is very utility or "granola" in style...sporks, bamboo, etc..Silvr aims to offer a third option that feels more premium and that most would be excited to use.
I'm product/brand…

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