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Why I Chose to Focus on Reducing Plastic Waste (In response to "Anti-plastic focus 'dangerous distraction' from climate change" article)

While working towards my MBA in Sustainability, I had trouble choosing which environmental issue to focus on post graduation.

First, I chose climate change because of the urgency behind it. Then, as I learned more through my masters program, I realized the importance of working to reduce plastic waste.

Partially in response to a recent article published by BBC News claiming that focusing on plastic waste was a dangerous distraction from climate change, I'm sharing why:
Nature can survive climate change (we might not) Most people don't realize we aren't really fighting climate change to save the planet, but to save ourselves. And, our co-inhabiters. I certainly didn't realize this going into getting my masters. 
Nature is resilient. It has bounced back from billions of years of changes, including previous global shifts in climate. 
Whether we're too late for climate change is an unknown. But we know that nature will try and revive itself. So, whatever is left on thi…

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