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Your Sustainable Athleisure Brand isn’t Actually Sustainable. Oops.

Think About Tomorrow's Customer As a sustainability professional, I’m wired to think longterm. If we close our eyes and look at the future — one, three, five, or twenty years — are consumers more or less informed about sustainability? It’s a simple question with an obvious answer. (They will all be more informed. Want to consider something different? Let’s talk — Yet, so many brands use sustainability messaging that is counter-productive to this insight.

Their Trust is Everything The most important thing we can build with our customers and potential customers is trust. With trust, they buy our food and know it will not give them food poisoning, or recommend our shampoo with the piece of mind that their friend’s hair will not fall out.

Held Accountable to Our Claims When we talk about sustainability and use sustainability claims today, we’d better make sure they can hold up to our customer’s level of sustainability standards tomorrow. If they don’t, be ready …

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